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2nd Annual Midnight Matness in the books!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

1st workout of the season happens at midnight of the 1st day allowed for practices by CIF.

Midnight? Why would you do this coach?

Wrestling isn't for everybody. No amount of logic possessed by a sound individual can help explain why Midnight Matness makes sense.

This is what we do

No better way to jumpstart the season physically, socially, & mentally. ~ Coach Rey

To become part of our family, it is essential you believe in the system. Embrace the grind! No amount of effort applied to this grueling sport will go further without first believing in the system taught by coaches.

Not a Believer

If you are not sure whether wrestling is for you, then come out for a workout. We will help you see the real you. No other sport on campus will reveal your character more quickly than the sport of wrestling.

Ready to be Stunned

Be you, the sport will challenge you to become a better version of you!

Seriously, if you are willing to sacrifice for a better version of you, come talk to Coach Rey.

Thank You

No amount of words can be given to the families that support the Nighthawks Wrestling program. I want to thank all the families that donate time, effort, and fundraising to support the boys and girls that makeup the Nighthawks Wrestling Team!

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